House of Soul


Gemstones are miracles!
Gemstones can treat diseases, solve problems, and even ease life’s unsolvable situations.

Agate – has a strengthening and stabilizing energy. It can encourage the pursuit of the goal, restore lost power. Agate gives peace, awakens talents, attracting luck and money. Helps quickly and promptly solve problems, improves concentration, helps to overcome distraction. 

Amethyst– it provides an inner calm, helps meditate, reduces anger, impatience, and promotes objectivity. This stone protects against negative energy. Amethyst around your neck helps to communicate more effectively, gives the eloquence. Brings up bright dreams and helps them to remember. This stone attracts true, pure emotional love. Amethyst strengthens your intuition and clairvoyance. Warmed and placed on your forehead helps to relieve headaches. 

Aventurine – this stone brings you success in love and gambling. A perfect stone for wealth, leadership, and fertility. Aventurine stimulates creativity, strengthens motivation, and provides a favorable opportunity. It protects the heart chakra from energy vampires. 

Citrine – gives energy and stability. Stimulates self-confidence, optimism, talent, provides physical and material power, wealth. Strengthens motivation, stimulates physical activity, individual initiative, and creativity. It protects from nightmares and helps to sleep well. Citrine is the perfect cleanser. This stone balances the chakra, purifies the aura, helps with allergies, improves digestive system activity. 

Zircon – the stone teaches you patience and tolerance, helps to find inner peace, improves sleep. It helps break through mental or emotional blockages. It protects you, especially against theft. It helps you to achieve your aims and to be more organized. Zircon helps you to develop your intuition.

Amber – it is love, pleasure, beauty, healing, protection from magic, happiness. It’s a stone that attracts love, protects, and brings joy. Amber attracts money. You can use it in ritual to emphasize beauty and attractiveness. Amber soothes nerves, cures sore throats, and improves eyesight when touched.

Garnet – a stone of love, strength, courage, and health. This stone used for charms of love, sex, passion, and fertility. This stone helps to control anger. Garnet protects and strengthens the aura and helps to improve spiritually. It facilitates menstruation and balances hormones.

Hematite – the soothing stone. It helps to focus. It protects against negative energy and enhances intuition, self-confidence, optimism, will, and courage. It extracts disease from the body, strengthens the immune system, relieves fever, muscle aches, and leg cramps

Jasper – the stone gives energy. Regardless of color, jasper has a grounding effect for people who have their heads in the clouds. Jasper gives you good health, courage, and wisdom and keeps you from risk. It helps to forget everything that hurts the heart and soul.

Yellow Jasper – it provides energy, physical strength, and attracts positive energy.

Leopard-Skin Jasper – it provides peace (gray), protection (black), love (pink), mind clarity (yellow), vitality (red), and health (green).

Red Jasper – it helps to regain strength and flaunt great ideas.

Brown Jasper – it provides stability and balance. It symbolizes healing, health, beauty, and protection.

Green Jasper – used for the spell of wealth, success, and fertility. Allows for a better understanding of other people’s mental and emotional state, and promotes compassion. Green jasper can help to prevent migraines. It helps with healing, especially the eyes and abdominal area.

Quartz – it helps to find meaning in your life and strengthens vital energy. This stone can be programmed for any purpose but requires regular cleaning. It helps to clean and protect against negative vibrations. Used to treat headaches or toothache and helps reduce fever.

Snow Quartz – stone for calming mental and encourages cooperation. It helps you realize your potential, fulfill your dreams. It enables you to understand your potential, fulfill your dreams.

Rose Quartz – a stone of universal love and inner peace. Rose quartz promotes affection, tenderness, and sensuality. A stone of talent. The energy of this crystal boosts the ability for music and literature. Pink quartz fills life with inner peace, wisdom, awareness, and harmony, and it promotes intuition. Heals heart and soul wounds develop a love for oneself and others and a positive attitude to life. Teaches to forgive.

Malachite – promotes prosperity in all areas of life. It protects against danger. Persistent cleaning is required. It is a stone of harmony; it attracts peace and helps you to perceive and accept yourself better. Malachite is a cornerstone of transformation, helping to take responsibility for our actions and to understand the need for change. The stone increases business success. Malachite strengthens the immune system.

Lazurite – this stone improves emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental state, provides peace of mind, helps with prophecy. It helps to attract spiritual love and is a powerful amulet of fidelity. Lazuritis provides protection and encourages courage.

Carnelian – is a stone of passion and energy. It is most suitable for rituals related to sexual energy, love, and sexuality. Stimulates courage, strengthens the will, and confidence. Carnelian reduces anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, and apathy. It gives the gift of eloquence. It increases motivation, gives you the energy to implement your ideas, and encourages creativity. It helps you choose the direction, focus, find a job, and realize your abilities. Carnelian helps you manage your own life and make your own decisions. This stone fulfills your wishes.

Obsidian – gives balance and stability, prevents you from getting lost in fantasy. It absorbs anger, criticality, fear, and protects against negative energy. Prevents your emotional energy from being stolen. Do not give your Obsidian to anyone, because someone will be able to manipulate you. Encourages travel. Strengthens prophetic abilities.

Black Obsidian – provides balance and stability. It helps you move forward and get rid of disturbing thoughts. It helps to adapt to life changes. Absorbs negative energy protects against aggression. The stone Relieves pain and tension.

Snowflake obsidian – gives peace and balance. This stone makes you realize the purpose of your life. It also attracts money and prevents you from being pushed. Strengthens internal and external vision, relieves eye irritation.

Onyx – it is a durable protective stone. It helps to control passions and emotions. Onyx helps to get rid of bad habits, strengthens self-control, and reduces stress. It also gives power and enhances the mental capacity.

Hawk’s Eye – a stone that encourages intuition, improves thinking. It symbolizes abundance, silence, and tranquility, and enhances the happiness of the host. Hawk’s Eye protects against any danger.

Tiger’s Eye – it is a stone of success and sincerity. It gives you confidence and courage; it strengthens your will. It softens stubbornness. The tiger’s eye helps focus, helps in exams, lectures, and business meetings. It helps to fulfill your ideas and dreams. Attracts people with connections and material things helps to get rich.

Bull’s Eye – it helps when you feel drowsy, and your body lacks energy and movement. It accelerates metabolism and stimulates sexual desire.

Cat’s Eye – it enhances intuition. For shy and self-doubt persons, this stone will help you to better self-esteem and strengthen your inner beauty and strength.

Moonstone – the stone symbolizes femininity. It attracts love and helps reconciliation. Soothes emotions, while placed under the pillow, ensures quiet sleep. Moonstone helps maintain or regain a youthful appearance. It also helps you lose weight. They are traditionally used to restore hormone balance and relieve menstrual pain.